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Company Overview

Our History

Using his industry knowledge and experience as a customs administrator for American Motors, namesake and company President Bill Whelan founded W.F. Whelan Company in 1974. W.F. Whelan Company. began as a small Customs brokerage company for the automotive industry and their parts suppliers in the international terminal at Detroit's Metro Airport. 

Since incorporating in 1974, W.F. Whelan Company has outgrown its original facility and expanded from their Romulus, MI facility to their current 1.1 million square foot, state of the art facility in Canton, MI.  Ultimately, a strong desire to provide more streamlined services lead to W.F. Whelan adding Air Freight Cartage in 1977, Warehousing & Distribution in 1979, Foreign Trade Zone in 1981, and Light Assembly in 1998.

One of the greatest strengths is the technical knowledge and marketplace experience of the W.F. Whelan Company employees. The daily immersion into all types of Importing, Exporting, Warehousing and Distribution provides constant education for our brokers and coordinators. Combining this technical and practical knowledge with the wide array of company resources is what makes W.F. Whelan Company the leader in the industry. 

Today, W.F. Whelan Company is a certified, full service Third Party Logistics (3PL) broker with over 35 years experience offering a wide range of professional services. Full service at W.F. Whelan Company means not only Import and Export services to and from virtually any city around the world, but also Warehousing and Distribution from our state-of-the-art Foreign Trade Zone facility. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most optimal customs clearance, freight forwarding, and logistics services in the industry.

Our Mission   Our Vision

Our mission is to provide our employees with a positive, safe, work environment. Our staff will have high quality tools and systems to effectively perform their duties. We will provide training to all employees to ensure they are confident in their ability to accomplish their duties efficiently. 

Our commitment is to continually improve. We strive to provide accuracy and quality in all of our departments. We strive to provide the highest quality service to our customers. We will adhere to all regulatory and legal requirements. Our staff will show commitment and enthusiasm toward servicing the needs of our customers.


"To provide complete visibility and traceability within the supply chain using state of the art systems and technologies as an empowering tool in order to minimize risk."