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Customized Services:

W.F. Whelan Company knows on-time deliveries and order accuracy that is required in today’s “Just In Time” environment. We meet these challenges with a distribution team ready to build and deliver internal reports and a customized distribution solution for your needs in order to minimize supply chain risk.

Our experienced and helpful team members operate in a modern “wired” environment including EDI capabilities, shipment tracking, email and computerized inventory management. W.F. Whelan is committed to using the latest technology to provide your logistics solutions. In all aspects of our business, our flexibility in meeting your custom needs is our strength.

Our integrated team will provide all your logistics, warehousing and distribution solutions to ensure your product flows seamlessly from your factory to your customer- on time, lean and accurately.

We also operate and maintain our own small LTL trucking fleet giving our customer the advantage of reliable distribution from our facilities for standard and expedited deliveries.