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Carving a Niche

W.F. Whelan Company has over 30 years of experience within the automotive industry.  We have established working relationships with most of the major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and suppliers; we regularly ship to over 50 locations throughout North America. 

We are located in the Heart of the Detroit Region Aerotropolis with our Romulus facility located just 5 minutes from Detroit’s Metropolitan Airport and just 10 minutes from Willow Run Airport.

Ultimately, organizations need service providers that can deliver a low cost structure.  In addition, they also need someone to provide an opportunity to service their logistics account for flexibility to allow for future growth and allow for reacting to unforeseeable future changes in today’s global business environment. 

W.F Whelan Company provides technologies and logistical solutions while offering tremendous scalability to implement solutions to meet today’s supply chain requirements for both automotive and non-automotive shippers/OEMs.